Chanel vs. Zara

This small Chanel Boy bag in metallic calfskin retails for $4,000. Photo by Chanel.

This Zara quilted leather city bag retails for $139. Photo by Zara.

Hey Style Strutters! I'm back this week for a new The Stitch for Less featuring the Chanel Boy bag vs. the Zara quilted leather city bag. I just started grad school this week so I apologize if my posts have been rolling out slowly (the MBA program is no joke), but I promise I'll be delving out more exciting new posts on my fashion adventures while in grad school! 

On to Chanel. There's nothing more classic and coveted than the Chanel quilted flap bag in the fashion community. It's timeless and the epitome of luxury, making it highly sought after and frequently copied. The Boy Chanel collection was a huge hit amongst the fashion elite and celebrities since its debut in 2011. Boy Chanel features bags in a variety of sizes, colors, top-quality fabrics and styles each season. Pictured above is a small Boy Chanel in metallic calfskin retailing for $4,000. It's a hefty price, but the good thing about Chanel, as I said before, is that it's timeless. If you're going to splurge on a bag, let it be a Chanel flap bag. Or a Birkin, but that's a whole other post...

For those not ready or able to shell out a few grand just yet, the Zara quilted leather city bag is an excellent alternative. This cross-body bag made of quilted leather (85% goat, 15% cow) resembles the Chanel Boy bag without outright copying it, featuring a chain strap and quilted detailing in the bag's body and flap. Like the Chanel, the Zara counterpart also features smooth leather panels framing the flap's quilted interior panel. 

The Zara quilted leather city bag features edgy detailing similar to that of the Boy Chanel collection, but for a mere fraction of the price. Photo by Zara.

Nothing can ever truly replace a Chanel, especially one as unique and flawless as the Boy bag. The superior quality and signature double "C" turn lock hardware are iconic. However, the Zara bag still offers great quality with its leather construction and varied detailing throughout. Plus, it's not a direct copy. It has the features that make the Boy Chanel collection so adored while having an edgy, downtown vibe, perfect for pairing with cutout ankle booties or boyfriend jeans for a grungy city feel. The $139 price point is also far more modest than that of the Chanel Boy bag, the one above retailing for $4,000. And that's just for the small...

You can find the Zara quilted leather city bag at If you want to splurge (and I wouldn't blame you for this one), check out for the Boy Chanel collection.

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